It's that time of year!

Well it's time again for the winter clothing fundraiser. Each year has been more successful than the last, but there is still room for improvement. Our goal is to get hats, coats, and gloves to every kid that needs them. Over 42% of Colorado kids are on free or reduced price meals, and in some districts over 80% of the kids qualify. There are many needy families who are struggling to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. While many of us are out on the hunt for the perfect gift for our loved ones, many families are struggling to even give the essentials. Winter clothing isn't the most exciting gift, but it is a necessity for these bitter cold Colorado months. So why don't we take care of the "boring" gifts.

It is easy to collect donations from family and friends around the corner, but it is a bit more difficult for those that are not so near. In the past we have tried to use Paypal but it has been a nightmare. Limits, fees, and several roadblocks have kept us from getting the most bang for our buck! Luckily there is a solution, Bitcoin. Bitcoin can make all of our donations and purchases much more straight forward and easy, while also allowing us to get the most for our money. Bitcoin may be a bit intimidation for those that are not well versed in the digital coin, but once you get rolling you may never go back. Hopefully some of you already have your wallets up and running but for those that don't we have included some helpful links and guides to get you started. With Bitcoins, family, friends and some helpful vendors we are hoping to make this year the most successful fundraiser so far. Of Course if you would rather donate with cash or gift cards that is still fine, but if you are feeling up to it we recommend you give bitcoins a try!

Check back in for some updates, I'll be sure to update as often as possible.

As always we really appreciate the help! Hope all is well and you all have a wonderful holiday!

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